allie smiling headshot

allieAllie was born with OEIS or Cloacle Exstrophy. It’s commonly noted that it’s the greatest birth defect compatible with life. This birth defect is a rare abdominal wall anomaly that affects most of the internal organs excluding the brain, heart & lungs, everything else may be affected and the severity of the defect is very unique to each child.This birth defect happens in every 200,000- 400,000 live births. At birth, she had an Omphalocele (organs outside the body enclosed in a membrane). Her bladder was on the outside of her body divided in two, separated by the bowel. She only had 1/3 of her large bowel, and both the bladder and the bowel were open. She is imperforate, and she has a tethered spinal cord. Not related to OEIS, she also has some issues with her eyes. Hopefully, they can be easily corrected with surgeries. To date, she has had 13 surgeries and is 2.5 years old.

Allie is unbelievably smart. She is hysterically funny and full of life. She loves and adores her sisters and her daddy. She also loves to sing. It’s sweet. She is so personable and steals hearts wherever she goes. It’s so neat to see.

This has been a difficult journey but a very rewarding one. We have the pleasure of seeing God everywhere we turn. There are so many people willing to do His work. It’s awesome to witness. Thank you to Vivian’s Victory, for helping us out and helping us carry our cross.