Vivian and MariaThroughout our journey with Vivian, my husband and I felt the support of everyone around us. The blessing of a strong support system in our time of need was priceless. Prayers were offered for us, meals were prepared and delivered to us, kind words of support and love were abundant. While we were living our darkest hour, we were surrounded by the light of Christ manifest in those around us.

Throughout the 59 days we spent in the NICU with Vivian, we witnessed many other families who also lived difficult circumstances, but didn’t have a support system to surround them. Some had traveled from across the country so their child could receive the world-class care that Cincinnati Children’s Hospital provides. Some parents had other children at home who needed care. Some had to maintain full-time employment (and thus couldn’t be with their children at the hospital) in order to keep the medical benefits that made their child’s hospital stay possible. Many parents faced the daily expense of an open-ended hotel stay far from home.

VV14 - 4These practical struggles are lived along side the stress of having a child facing a devastating medical situation.

That’s where Vivian’s Victory comes in. We want to be the light of Christ for those who are living the unpredictable journey of a prolonged hospital stay. When a family receives help from Vivian’s Victory, the practical help we can offer is accompanied by our prayers, and the love and compassion of all who support our cause. Our goal is to make sure these families know that they aren’t alone. With your support, we offer hope to the hearts and souls of those who need it most.

– Maria Dunlap, Executive Director