When the doctors told us that there was no program in our big state of Michigan to help Olivia and that we needed to be referred to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, we were overwhelmed.

Our first priority was to find a place to stay so that Olivia would be comfortable after her outpatient testing for that first visit. Plan A didn’t work out so we were going to call around to some hotels. That day, I needed to go to our basement for the first time in a few days and found out it had flooded from our sump pump. I had to pack up the kids to leave so the first of many contractors could come over. We were leaving for Cincinnati in a few days and to say we were stressed was an understatement.

That same night, Tricia called. She told us our family had been referred to Reviv and that she would take care of our hotel. In that moment, it was a huge weight lifted from us. It was a light in the dark and a sign of hope for us to continue in this journey.

The hotel was perfect, quiet, clean and near the hospital. Olivia had some complications after the first test and we were so incredibly thankful she had, as she put it, “the comfiest bed ever” to relax in. We are so grateful for Reviv and the organization will always be a special part of our memories of Olivia’s journey.