In late March of 2019, we (Maria and Angela) were in the early stages of developing reVIV. We knew what we wanted the program to include. We knew we wanted to meet families closer to diagnosis, provide more parent and sibling activities, and be available more readily for families who were grieving. We discussed what non-clinical case management might look like played out. The more we talked about it and mapped it out, the more excited we became. We could really envision this.

Soon after, we were sent a link to the Rainbow Trust. We knew instantly they were doing everything that we wanted to be doing and more. The Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity is located in the UK and has eight offices spread across the UK. They have been supporting families with seriously ill children for 33 years. We contacted them immediately to ask questions and see what advice they could offer to us starting our own program. 

Within a couple of weeks, we had a video call with their Director of Programs, Anne Harris, who said we were the only other organization they had found who was doing something similar. We knew we had to see this in person. After lots of emails and video calls, we were over in the UK learning about the Rainbow Trust and seeing their operations first hand. We formed a lasting partner/mentorship with them, and are proud that reVIV is their little sister.