Family and Sibling Support: This is general support by way of activities at CCHMC, RMH, community events, etc.. This also includes our Family Care Bags.

These events and resources allow us to serve a broad range of families who may already have a solid support system but find it comforting to know reVIV is an available resource. 

In Hospital Support: reVIV families are able to have a Volunteer Family Support Worker at the hospital to be an added support person, allowing the family to have moments of respite and try to establish a new normal. We will also help you transition to home care support.

Home Support: reVIV families will have regular visits from their Volunteer Support Worker to help with the family’s personally identified needs such as activities with siblings, light housework, meal planning, and scheduling and managing appointments. 

Bereavement: reVIV enables families who have a child with a life-threatening illness to make the most of time together; providing expert practical and emotional support, where they need it, for as long as it is needed. We provide bespoke continued support to families we already work with through Family Support Workers who will have an established relationship with you, your child and the family during your child’s illness. They can help you to negotiate the plans that will need to be made as well as offering emotional support at this devastating time and beyond.