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Are you Home Health Care?

No. We are able to provide practical and emotional support for families so they are able to care for their child. We do not assist in any changes, feeds or moves of the child with a diagnosis.

Are you licensed Social Workers?

No. We work with the Social Workers to meet families who would benefit from our support.

Can anyone request to receive a Family Support Worker?

While we are able to work with any family that has a child with a life-altering or life-threatening diagnosis, we must receive a referral from a clinician, most typically a social worker.

Can we receive financial assistance from Reviv?

Typically no. We will not be providing funding for bills, transportation or any other financial needs families face. It is our experience that when we are able to meet families closer to diagnosis, we are able to introduce them to other resources available in the community.

Who can benefit from Reviv?

Any family who has a child with a life-altering or life-threatening medical diagnosis.

How does Reviv work?

At Reviv, we work in conjunction with the child’s care team to meet the family as close to the child’s diagnosis as possible. We then have significantly trained and committed volunteers work with the families to fulfill a mutually agreed personalized care plan. Each plan is re-evaluated and modified after 6 months. We promise to be a part of the family’s life until they feel confident without the support Reviv provides. Our non- clinical case management method of care allows for Reviv to be the most consistent support for the family while navigating their new normal.

Wait -- I thought this was Vivian's Victory?

You’re not wrong! Vivian’s Victory is the origin of Reviv, and now part of our history.

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