Thank you so much for all of your help. We are forever grateful for the help your organization made available for us while our daughter was in the hospital. 

We traveled from Andersonville, TN approx. four hours away. Having a child in the hospital is a stressful time and with your help, it allowed us one less thing to stress about. 

She ended up being in the hospital from 8/2/2020- 8/11/2020. We thought we were going to get to leave a little sooner, but a few complications late in the day required us to stay longer than anticipated. 

We’re back home in TN now and hopefully on our way to a better life for our daughter. She received two rounds of Remicade infusions while in Cincinnati and her pain level has decreased tremendously. She’s been on a feeding tube since April and lost a substantial amount of weight. She pretty much stayed in her bed in a ball with a heating pad on her stomach every day prior to us coming to Cincinnati.